Take Your Law Firm To The Next Level – Beta Coaching Program Release!


Have you ever hired an agency, guru or freelancer to help you “fill your law firms pipeline” only to help them fill their wallets and leaving you worse than when you started?

It happens more often than you think…

I mean let’s face it. There is more to marketing your law firm then putting ads up and hoping for the best.

If you are not already worried… you probably should be…

Because running down rabbit holes will fast track your business’s path to failure.

You’ll waste months, even years, trying to figure “it” out? And by “it” I mean a proven marketing process that will bring in more consistency and better quality clients?

In the end, you will regret not learning more about marketing and how to efficiently grow your practice.

But your story does not have to end in turmoil.

Last year Digital1010 launched our program the Law Firm Accelerator; a done-for-you, intent-based marketing program that includes everything your law firm needs to scale. The program has allowed our clients to focus on growing their practice and servicing their clients without having to add complexity to time to their already busy schedule.

But it wasn’t the ideal situation for everyone we met.

For a lot of the firms that joined the DFY program, their attorneys just wanted:
More leads and didn’t have the time or patience to learn how to do it themselves.
Consistency month after month with little learning curves involved
A proven process where they wouldn’t have to worry about the little things, or “always staying on top of it.” They just wanted to get more calls & appointments booked.

It sounds like the ideal situation… doesn’t it?

We thought so too…

But, it wasn’t for everyone and we learned that quickly.

We started getting a lot of firms who just couldn’t handle the monthly recurring fees or they were not set up to handle the influx of new calls and emails that were coming in which inevitably caused them to fail or stop marketing altogether.

Some were smaller law firms or solo lawyers in highly saturated markets who really couldn’t afford to pay both an ad spend and a monthly management fee.

Some firms had regional offices and already had in-house teams working on marketing but needed better marketing options & group training.

Other firms told us they have another marketing company “dealing with things,” and they were interested in a third-person perspective to ensure things are headed in the right direction and they were not losing money.

We also had firms that felt it was necessary to have their entire team trained to deal with the marketing process so they had a better understanding for how to get and close deals that came through the internet.

It was clear and understandable that these firms wanted more control over their marketing process.

And they NEEDED someone there to show them exactly what to do during each step of the process.

So, maybe as you read this, you think to yourself:
“I need more clients fast, I’ve tried everything and I am tired of course-correcting”.
“I want to save money and time by learning from a team that has mastered intent-based law firm marketing.”
“I need someone to assist me as I set up my Google Ads or Facebook campaign.”
“I need someone to show me what tools I need to build my website or create my landing pages (maybe even do it for me) so that I am not wasting 10s of thousands of dollars.”
“I could use someone’s help learning how to manage, A|B test and optimize my on-going marketing campaigns.”
“I need someone to review ads data WITH me so I can make sense of it and feel good about the process and the direction I am taking.”
“I need someone to teach me the best methods to following up with leads and how to manage + close all the additional calls and emails I get from my campaigns.”

BUT the only issue is that I have no clue where to start, and everything I read online is loaded with additional things to buy, learn and do.

Look, we get it.

It’s a now or never type of attitude when it comes to growing your law firm and if you have thought about any of the things listed above… Well, our 6 week Law Firm Accelerator course is PERFECT for you and your practice.

You will have the opportunity to learn from certified Google specialist and law firm marketing subject matter experts who handle 100’s of law campaigns and manage over a million dollars in ad spend yearly.

Our team will be there to ensure you are taking the right steps to achieve your goals. You will get honest feedback and first-hand help so that each week you are in the program gets you closer to launching your first profitable intent-based marketing campaign and one step closer to your goals.

Now you’re probably thinking “this all sounds great but…”

I can’t afford to spend money on advertising, let alone a course on advertising…
I’m already in court and working 8-10 hours a day, I am so overwhelmed with things going on in my business, I can’t allocate any time to this process.
I am not sure what direction to take or what to do anymore. I think I am going to hold off until I figure it out.

This is completely natural to feel but if you are waiting for the perfect moment, it probably already past.

Joining the LFA 6 week coaching program will allow you to control your advertising budget and actually understand where and how your marketing campaigns work. You will never have to worry about not knowing your numbers or if you grow to a point where you hire an agency you will know exactly what to ask when things are not going right.

We have a proven concise process that will allow you to stay focused on the things that will make a difference in your practice. The 2 weekly coaching sessions are set so that you can join from wherever you are and our team is always available to answer questions by email or chat. You will also be introduced to our new private community of lawyers who are in the program, dealing with similar issues, and available to discuss any marketing questions that come up as you need it.

Our program will help provide clarity around your marketing goals and structure to your marketing plan. The road map we provide you will be your guide to success well beyond this course so that you are not wasting time spinning your wheels trying to figure out what step to take next.

Imagine waking up with a plan and direction that will help your practice grow.
Imagine having someone there helping you through each step of the process.
Imagine having all your marketing questions answered within 24 hours of asking.
Imagine not feeling lost or alone, having to worry about what tomorrow will bring or where you will get your next client from.
Imagine growing your business and having a complete understanding of where your marketing dollars are being spent and what it costs to acquire a new client down to the dollar and day.

After going through the LFA coaching program you will have a better understanding and complete control over how much you make and how fast you scale your practice.

“An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.”
-Jack Welch

Here is what you get when you join the 6-week Coaching Program:

1. You will gain clarity around your goals, so each day inside your business is based on focused on measurable results.
2. We will map out a successful intent-based marketing strategy specific to your business goals.
3. We will help you find the right tools to get everything done, and we will show you how to integrate each tool into your marketing process successfully.
4. Our team will work with you, showing you the correct way to set up each Ad campaign so that the right people see your ads.
5. We will also help you analyze your campaign data so know what’s working and what is not!

At the end of this program you will know exactly how to scale your marketing efforts based on your results without wasting money or time.

You will also get:
2 Live 1 Hour Group QA Sessions Per Week

Lifetime Access to our new private online community for registered Law Firms from across the country where you can help and leverage each other for support!

Direct Access: Stuck or feeling like you need better direction, get direct access to Michael and his team ensuring you get answers to all your questions through the entire 6-week process.

Course Checklist: We know your time is limited. We know you don’t want to spend time doing anything you’re not supposed to be doing. That’s what tried-and-true checklists are for, to keep you on track.

Exclusive Facebook Group: Get access to our member’s only FB group so that every day you have a place to turn to get help from people just like you. You won’t waste any time because you’re stuck on some little question or because you’re having an off day. You’ll have a place to turn for answers, inspiration, and feedback so you can always keep moving forward.

Bonus: Full Year Roadmap detailing additional steps you should take to continue your success after the program ends.

Because this is our beta coaching program we will be offering the program at a discounted rate of $2500.00 for the first 5 attorneys or law firms who join; once this program fills up the cost will also go up to $5000.00

What is it worth to you to know exactly where your marketing dollars are going and what you are making in return?

What is it worth to you to hire employees and be able to pay them on-time without question.

What is it worth to get out of debt and have that peace of mind to sleep at night?

At $2500.00 you will have the opportunity to learn exactly how to grow your legal practice without the cost of an expensive marketing firm or overhead for an internal consultant.

You will have complete control over your revenue AND have a full year plan detailing the steps you need to take to increase your revenue without WASTING time or MONEY.

Imagine if your revenue grows by 25%, 30% or even 50% in the next year, how much extra money would that bring you?

Imagine waking up every day with a full caseload and with the ability to scale your practice at will.

The 6 week Law Firm Accelerator Coaching Program will give you the ability to do just that.

This offer will not last forever, we are only accepting 5 firms for this hands-on 6-week coaching program once these 5 spots are full, the price of this program will be $5000.00.

At this price you are guaranteed to have the ability to scale your business and 10x your investment in the first 12 months, you will also get Lifetime access to the coaching modules so that you can continue to work at your own pace after you complete the 6 weeks.

Here’s how to get your spot:

Don’t send me a dime yet; I just want to know if you’re all in and can promise to implement?

I’d love to work with you… and if you feel the same, just send an email to info@digital1010.com with “LET’S DO IT,” and I’ll send you the info and reserve your spot :).


Once it’s filled up, we close it.

We’re limiting this to 5 firms so we can provide personal attention to each of you.

Hope you are as excited as we are,

Sign up now and take control of your practices health and start gaining clarity around your goals, so each day inside your business is based on focused on measurable results.

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