Is Your Website Causing You To Lose Customers?

People judge your business by your website. Our team of experts will not only build a
stunning website for you, we keep it running and updated so you can focus on growing your business.

Websites Built For Your Business

What’s the point of having a website if it doesn’t help you grow?
We develop web design concepts that is guaranteed to help you get your business to the next level. 

User-centered Design

To be frank, we don’t create an online presence for you. We create great experiences for your customers.

Clean Code

The more code, the higher complexity. The higher complexity, the more risks for bugs and breakdowns.

Engaging Content

Great design won’t help you if you don’t use the right words to make your visitors take action.
The team at Digital1010 has executed projects for our company ranging from a complete website redesign to lead generation and monthly management of our digital ad platforms. They have done everything to a high standard, but most importantly, the communication has always been quick, efficient, and responsive. It has been a great relationship over the last 3+ years and we'd highly recommend Mike and Digital1010 to others.
Graylyn Loomis
LINKS Magazine

Your Website Should Be Designed To
Work for You, Not The Other Way Around!

If you’ve ever hired a web design service company or tried to do it yourself, you know how stressful, time-consuming, and frustrating it can be. Yes, we have been there ourselves…

Even if you completed it, chances are high you ended up with a dull “off the shelf” website that doesn’t make you look pretty good online. Even worse, it doesn’t generate any leads and sales and you are probably the only one who likes it because you built it.. 

After building more than 30 custom websites for businesses, one thing became super clear to us: The process of redesigning a website is broken and mostly an awful experience for the client (agency, designer or the high school kid from church who said they could build you a website). Finally, Digital1010 changes everything.

Web design
at other Agency's…

  • You are asked to show the designer what you like and they try to satisfy you

  • You get a pre built theme because it seems easier

  • Design based on subjective taste and costs extra to make changes

  • Long turnaround time of 3-4 months

  • Large upfront costs to “get the team moving”

  • Little to no training on how to use the site once it goes live

  • Additional Fees for monthly CMS & Plugin updates

Web design
at Digital1010…

  • We outline your brand guidelines and identify your ideal customers

  • Custom Theme design built specifically with your ideal customer in mind

  • Design based on data analysis and feedback

  • Fast turnaround of 1-2 months

  • Low monthly payment

  • Mobile first approach

  • Private support dashboard including video training database for your specific website.

  • Monthly updates to your CMS and plugins to ensure the site is always running smoothly

  • 1 Year of FREE premium cloud based web hosting with all new Websites

Build Market Authority

Swell Travels strives to be the leader in providing Florida based small businesses with the opportunity to grow their business through the Swell Travel platform. We helped the client create a custom dashboard for partners, an affiliate portal for fans and a easy to use website for customers. 

Increase Your Sales

Done right, your website can be your #1 salesperson. Mother Holistic offers a CBD product that provides great value but is hard to explain to non-technical people. Digital1010 created a simple user experience that drives direct to consumer and wholesale sales.

Mother Holistic

Grow Your Brand

To grow your business you need to attract the right kind of customer and make clear that you have niche expertise. Tropic Lands Real Estate Panamá is the leading real estate consulting company in Panamá. They work with international expats looking to purchase land or real estate in Panamá.

Capture Your Audience

To grow your business you need to attract the right kind of customer and make clear that you have niche expertise. Inman Park Properties is an expert when it comes to historic home or commercial property rehabilitation.

Inman v3

Our Web Design Workflow

Designing your website is not a one-way street, from planning and UX to design, development & QA, our process is guaranteed to get you to your website goals. 

Strategy & Design Concept​

Every website projects start with an in-depth analysis of your ideal target customer, your industry and current market trends. Based on our research, we develop a design concept that not only helps you to look good online but also grows your business (Avg. turnaround: 1-2 weeks).

Website Building & Optimization​

After you approved the design concept, our team of experienced designers and developers build your website while our copywriters start creating engaging website copy (Avg. turnaround: 1-2 months).

Website Maintenance & Updates​

Your website is never complete! We will keep updating your online presence whenever you want to make changes or we discover technical issues. You will basically never need to touch your website again.  

All-In-One Website Design

We create online experiences that convert visitors into customers.

Custom Design Concept

Say good bye to cookie cutter themes. Get the Website you’ve always dreamed of. If you are stuck on what to direction to take, your personal account manager is there to hold your hand and guide you through the process so you get the exact look and functionality your business needs. 

On-Demand Access

Sick of waiting for your IT person, developer or web designer to find the time to work on your requests? We are on call when you need us. Just submit a ticket and our team will get it done. Most website updates take 1-3 business days and when you submit a ticket you will receive a time estimate for the projects completion. 

100% Mobile Responsive

Don’t you hate when your site looks great on a desktop and it doesn’t translate to looking great on mobile? With the majority of traffic coming to your site via mobile our designers take a mobile first approach so that every experience is pixel perfect.


Conversion Optimization

We don’t make changes for the sake of making changes. Our CRO experts will implement a series of enhanced tracking capabilities and A|B tests to ensure all the changes that we make are based on actual user engagement and not “just a feeling”.


Fast WordPress Hosting

Is your website constantly slow? Our clould-based hosting solutions provide the ultimate user experience and to top it off we offer a free CDN to ensure your site is always running at an optimal speed. 

giving back

Social Impact

Grow your brand and do good in the world. Digital1010 supports providing less fortunate communities with technology to improve their ability to change the world around them.

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