Web Design Trends Taking Shape in 2016


Web Design Trends Taking Shape in 2016

If you have grown to witness the evolution of the World Wide Web through the 90s up to this date, you must be familiar with what the primary interface of websites used to look like primary colors, tickers, scrolls, marquees, animated GIFs, under-construction tabs, simple frames and stylish ASCII generators that made the text Ļόόķ Ļίķέ ţħίş. Since the launch of the first website in the early 90s, web designing, just like other industries, has evolved and revolutionized a great deal but some trends of the past have made it through up till now with some time changes and evolutions. Brace yourselves for the web design trends we will get to see in 2016.

The Ever So Nuanced UI Design

Thanks to blogging sites and the responsive design patterns, most of the websites these days have started looking like the same. It is not bad since there’s always room for creativity and customization. 2016 trends will go towards making website display featuring these:

  • Card Layouts: Card layouts are replacing the regular image tiles. Each card is representing a complete unit, they are relatively more significant than the image tiles and contain an explicit headline about the actual content.
  • The Hamburger Menu: Ever noticed those three parallel horizontal bars that appear at the top corner of your mobile apps? This is the new hamburger menu that’s becoming a fad in the web design this year. All corresponding tabs are nicely stacked under one menu button. We see this stacking trend is taking over the website desktop versions too, making your landing page more specific and clutter free and easily manageable for the user.
  • Parallax Scroll: Websites this year will add depth and nuance in their interface though parallax scrolling; splitting the outlook into foreground and background and letting them scroll simultaneously, yet at a different pace. We have a few examples of parallax scrolling throughout our site.

Smart UX Design

The User Interface Design has become specific and detail oriented, merely to enhance the user experience. Websites are altering their desktops into mobile-friendly

editions to provide a similar qualitative experience no matter if it’s a laptop or Smartphone they get connected.

Home Page Carousals

High definition sliding images have been taking over the home page screens; generally giving an overview of the entire website. Since this feature is HD, it might slow down home page loading, but this feature has sure added a generous dab of glitz and glamour to the typical website layouts.

Flat and Material Design

With an increasing shift in Google’s Material Design due to its rich aesthetic features, flat design will still retain its space being specific, minimalistic and simplified yet vibrant graphic displays. Material Design, on the other hand, is high definition and 3D based and is primarily focusing on developing a more stylish and visually detailed experience for mobile and smartphone users.

Minimal Text and More Graphics

Gone are the days when website used to be slow to load with texts, images, and animations; with the constant advancements, web design has gone more inclined to follow the minimalist and ‘less is more’ approach. This year too, we are likely to see websites with graphical storytelling and visual information rather than long textual descriptions.

Next Level Animations

We will get to see a great deal of innovation in the web design animations making it more catchy and entertaining to retain and increase the user interest. Hover effects, sliding animations, image galleries, and background animations are some of the highlights of the animated revolution forecasted for 2016.

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