Top 10 Restaurant Marketing Tips


Top 10 Restaurant Marketing Tips

I was talking to a friend yesterday over a cup of coffee at his new restaurant the other day, and he was telling me that business was okay but he would love to find better ways to bring more customers through the doors with online marketing.

I asked a few questions about the business like are your food costs under control?
Is the staff well trained & ready to rock no matter the time of day and number of customers in the restaurant? What kind of marketing have you done in the past and what marketing campaigns are you currently running? Was there ever any success with any of the marketing?

After he answered, I explained that there are ten easy, proven tips for turning web-surfers into satisfied guests.

And in today’s web-savvy world, if your online presence isn’t as well managed as your restaurant, you’re being overlooked by hundreds of potential hungry guests.

Now there is no silver bullet, and every restaurant faces different challenges, but if you follow these ten tips, you will see more customers.

Your food is your calling card. Make it front & center. Photos are great, but succinct & appealing descriptions always close the deal for those considering a visit. Be concise, easy to read, be sure it matches the layout of your in-store menu, so people can easily find their favorite items.

Lunch crowds & impulse orders equal $$$! Secure online ordering options give you the opportunity to lock in sales to those who may otherwise be just browsing from their home or hotel. The good news: today these options are more accessible than ever to utilize.

The easier & simpler your site is to visit; the more likely customers are to view, learn, & commit. It’s that simple. Don’t make them work too hard to learn how great their experience will be.

The #2 question after “what do you serve?” is always going to be “where are you?” Clear & easy directions via a map & short description, coupled with a current photo of the front of your store assure customers will find you fast.

Short, fun blogs publicize everything from specials & upcoming events to exciting news about your restaurant & staff. It’s a great way to incorporate video & photos while showing your personality as well as supplementing your social media channels.


Nothing slows down marketing momentum like waiting for someone else to help you make updates. When something exciting comes up, you need to be able to post it fast, easy, & accurately. Luckily, with today’s tools, it’s easier than ever.

No question: Outlets like Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr generates new business by spreading the digital word of mouth fast. That’s where social widgets shine. Visitors instantly see their friends who have given you the “thumbs up” already, creating trust & making it likely they will do the same. Optimize widget effectiveness by placing them front & center on your homepage.

“Responsive” sites adjust automatically to match any platform your customers may be using to view your site. On a mobile phone? No problem. On a laptop? You’re covered. Browsing from a tablet? Yeah, you’re good. Rest easy knowing all your info & images will be seen by everyone no matter how they’re browsing.

Even with today’s technology, a good-old-fashioned phone call is still the fastest (& most preferred) way for customers to reach you. So make sure your number is easy to find fast.

Here’s an oft-overlooked tiny tip that can save you big in the end. Prices & product styles change fast in your industry, and it can be easy to forget to reflect such fluctuations online. Since there’s nothing fun about being called out by a customer on a discrepancy, a simple “subject to change” line on every page covers you and lets your customers know you’re watching out for them as well.

Your website is no longer just a side promotional novelty. It must be one of your main tools in drawing in new, loyal customers and spreading the word about your restaurant. If you aren’t 110% sure your online presence is perfect, contact us today. We know web like you know food.

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