Scaling Your E-com Ad Sets through Facebook.


We have been running ads for quite some time now, and it seems that over time you find trends that take your marketing to the next level. Below you will see notes I share with the team when we find a successful product to promote. Every campaign is different, and there are multiple strategies you can use for retargeting and scaling, but in general, if you follow these steps, you will see success.

  1. Put up a post as scheduled on Facebook and Boost the post after 24hours of being live for $10 over three days $3.33 per day. At that point, the post should have been live for four days, and traffic + engagement should have started to accumulate. 
  2. Then after you have a few product posts that are live, you can see which is driving traffic and engagement.
  3. BOOM you have your product now use that POST id to centralize all traffic to 1 iteration of each ad.
  1. Monitor the comments section and keep things happy. – client job
  2. Remember 1st touch ads should give a great 1st impression

Acronyms You Should Know:

  • LAL – Look A Like
  • DPA – Dynamic placement ad
  • ATC – Add to cart
  • VC – View Cart

Scaling Successful Ads

1 – SCALE LLAs across continents

Split the Placement type by Desktop & Mobile & IG for both EU and USA.

That would give us six campaigns running 1% – 10% LLAs in each campaign.

(you won’t have to do this for buy rite, but this is how we usually scale products)

LLAs we run:

For every campaign that’s a winner, we will slowly launch 1% of each LLA each day, as long as it’s profitable.

Kill them if there are no sales at a $15 ad spend. (this could be higher depending on the price of the product, the current average is about $29pp)

2 – Target “Friends of Page Likes,” segment by a broad interest like Shopping & Fashion.

That way people are going to see in their Newsfeed that their mom/sister/friend likes your brand… and you can get cheap purchases through this method.

– You can also target 2x page view on the specific product page so that you know the ad will show to users who are interested in the product.

3 – Dynamic and Retargeting

DPA re-target ads for VC 1 Day, VC 2 Day, VC 3 Day, VC 5 Day, VC 7 Day. ATC 1 Day, ATC 2 Day, ATC 3 Day, ATC 7 Day, ATC 28 Days.

We use a proven copy template for each window… continuing the conversation and finally closing with a sale on each day.

For the copy, we use the “fruit bowl” technique – a popular strategy coined by Frank Kern. Each day we offer a different benefit/offer that pulls in various categories of people.

Benefits may be free shipping, running out of stock… or a discount to pull in people on the edge of purchasing. ( We will need to discuss the offers before pushing anything live)

4 – Trick to Dynamic ads that has KILLER ROI

Launch DPA ads to cold lookalike audiences 1%-10%… but make sure your message is adapted to a “cold” audience.

Something like… “This luxury chocolate-maker from Belgium is offering these delicious chocolate sets for 25% off today. Free shipping on top!”.

5 – Re-Target EVERYTHING

We launch re-targeting ads to people who engaged with FB Post/IG Post/Viewed IG Profile/Viewed Facebook Page/Engaged With FB AD/POST/Engaged with FB Page/Messaged Our Page… and anything we can get our hands on.

Yes, we also split them by 1 Day, 2 Day, 3 Day, 5 Day… all the way up to 30-day windows… with the split-tested copy on each step.

It’s still a work in progress… because it takes quite a bit of effort to set up.

6 – Cycle in new offers daily and segment your products with the Trackify (Shopify only) Pixel.

Since we start scaling $5 budgets to 1%-10% LLAs… within a month usually, our campaigns start dying out.

This is why it’s crucial you start testing multiple products/offers daily.

We always launch new LLA audiences based on specific products so that our Pixel doesn’t get confused. Even if the store is a niche store.

If your first winner is a shovel… then your pixel is going to be searching for shovel buyers.

But… if you for other brands we use a platform called Trackify to start collecting data early on… then you can create unique LLA audiences for gardening gloves/pest repellent/sheers… and it will be more likely that you will find buyers for these specific products.

Here are all the LLA audiences we use. Yes, we use every single one… always:

PageView NEW 1%-10%

ViewContent NEW 1%-10% 

ATC New 1%-10%

Purchase NEW 1%-10%

Initiate Checkout 1%-10%

Top 25% NEW 1%-10%

Top 10% NEW 1%-10%

Top 5% NEW 1%-10%

Newsletter/Wheelio NEW 1%-10% 

LTV 1%-10%


Instagram Engage NEW 1%-10%

Instagram Profile Visit NEW 1%-10%

Instagram Post Engage NEW 1%-10%

Instagram Post Save NEW 1%-10%

Facebook Engage NEW ** 1%-10%

Facebook Page Visit NEW 1%-10%

Facebook Ad Engage NEW 1%-10%

Facebook CTA Button NEW 1%-10%

Facebook Message Page NEW 1%-10%

Facebook Page Save NEW 1%-10%

Now adding in “PurchasedUpsell, ViewCategory, EventSegment.”

Plus… we use 1%-10% ATC, PUR and VC for specific products, too… with unique LLAs made using Trackify  – this is for Shopify only.

Hope you find this useful and if you have questions or would like to set up a strategy call email us at

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