3 PPC Tips for Law Firms


Most businesses, including law firms, employ the use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-per-Click (PPC) strategies to market their products or services and improve their bottom line. And while most digital experts recommend the use of SEO to boost organic visibility, PPC can and should be used as well, mainly because SEO tactics aren’t overnight miracles.

So what is Pay-per-Click (PPC)?

PPC is an online marketing model used to advertise in a way that marketers only pay when their ads are clicked.

How does it work? Marketers create specific ads and bid on certain search phrases. Should they manage to win their bid, their ads will be shown on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). These ads appear either above or below organic (or non-paid) search results. Regardless of the number of times that the ads appear on the search results, marketers only pay when these ads are clicked – hence, the term pay-per-click.

While just about every business makes use of this strategy, a growing number of lawyers/law firms are choosing to employ PPC tactics to advertise their law firms online over other methods like Social or TV. The reason being most firms have found that PPC campaigns bring in higher quality prospective clients because there is intent behind the user’s search.

For this reason, it is time to take note of how legal marketing is shifting and how to ensure that your PPC campaign is effective in bringing in the right clients.

Here are three specific tips on how you can help your law firm’s PPC campaigns succeed.

Win When It Comes To Local Advertising

Most firms large or small provide legal services to a specific locality and more often than not we see firms trying to reach clients in neighboring cities and counties. This is a huge mistake and to STOP wasting money your firm should narrow the search to a 15-20 mile radius from your office. Your ads should be directed to potential clients who need your legal services and can make it to your office. Thus, it’s important that you limit the scope of your ads to a specific geographical location only targeting prospective clients who are right for your legal services. Eminitating the outliers will help your budget and bottom line giving you the ability to scale faster.

Create Hyper Focused Campaign Groups

Employing the right PPC strategies can make a great deal of difference as to whether or not your ads will convert quality leads over tire kickers. For your ads stand out, you need to do extensive research on the competition to see where they are spending their money and what value they offer their prospects. From there, you can come up with effective keywords, ads and landing pages that will make you stand out from the rest.

Keeping your ads & landing pages relevant to their ad group will help you find consistencys to scale, it will also help you find terms that are not profitable and should be set as “negative” so that your ads don’t pull up when the negative term is searched.

Design Landing Pages that Convert.

One way to boost your PPC strategy is to create a series of focused landing pages that are built specifically for conversions.

So what does a conversion landing page look like?

There are a few things to consider when creating your landing pages.

First, the primary purpose of creating a landing page is to convert site visitors into a lead and in most based on past stats we see that clients who utilize hyper-focused landing pages generate higher quality leads than those who drive traffic to their website.

Why is that?

In this case, when online visitors see your PPC ads and decide to click on them, they will be redirected to your optimized landing page that has information about the issues they are searching.

Chances are when they get to the hyper-focused landing page they will scroll up no more than 1 and a half times before they make the decision to either send you an email requesting help or click to call.

When visitors are sent to your website they have the opportunity to click around to different parts of your site and eventually leave because they are served more information than they need to make a decision.  

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