Picking the Right PPC Agency For You and Your Firm


Outsourcing your PPC efforts to an expert is an excellent way for your law firm to focus on its clients and not where or how they will get their next client.

Be Realistic

The first step is being realistic about your expectations when hiring a PPC agency. 

Try to be honest with yourself and your new agency about your goals and what you can afford to spend every month, what your current intake process is and how you plan on handling the addition of new calls & emails. 

Build Your Relationship

You want the working relationship between you and your PPC agency to be beneficial for both parties. 

Communication is essential for a good working relationship; the agency needs to have a full understanding for what you are billing clients, what makes you the most money, what takes you the most time and a slew of other things that can be uncomfortable to discuss but are very necessary to ensure you see value out of your PPC campaigns. Both parties should be able to speak to each other often & upfront, communicating things honestly when working together will help us help your practice grow. 

You are an expert at law, hire an expert for marketing.

Great advertising agencies will have staff experienced in landing pages, conversion optimization, ad campaigns, and data analysis as well as design and other marketing skills. Meaning you DON’T have to hire those people!! Select an agency that has experience in law but, can also fulfill other needs branding, or marketing needs as they come up.

Also, look at agencies with experience running successful law firm ad campaigns directed to your target audience. It is important that they have a good grasp on not only PPC marketing and creating campaigns but also about your target audience and preferred clientele.  Hiring an experienced agency might cost a bit more in the upfront but will save your firm quite a bit of money over the long term. 

Digital1010 is an award-winning advertising agency that specializes in digital marketing, e-commerce design & AdWords for law firms in Savannah. Get in touch today to see how we can help!

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