How Personal Injury Lawyers Can Make the Most Out of Google Ads


Google Ads can be one of the most useful tools for businesses across any industry, including law firms.

Personal injury lawyers, in particular, can gain a lot from using Google AdWords. The field is extremely competitive, and if your intent based campaigns do well, it will keep you on top of the competition with leads coming in consistently.

Here are some tips to keep your campaigns running smoothly.

Kown Your Budget & STICK To Your Budget

It should be noted that the monthly spend on this kind of advertising is significant, you should do some research on costs for relevant keywords along with cost per acquisition for cases in your area. Once completed, you will have a better idea of what your budget will get you.


Keywords are one of the most crucial elements when it comes to specific searches. You should continually test and optimize your keywords to see if they are bringing in quality leads. This will help you keep the costs down by targeting leads that add the most value to your practice. 

Think of what people would search for when they need a personal injury lawyer.  Keywords such as “injured in car accident” or “lawyer for a car accident in Georgia” are examples of what people are most likely going to search for if they are in an accident and need an attorney. Focusing on terms like “attorney near me” will bring in a lot of clicks but you will waist quite a bit of money becasue not everyone calling/clicking will be searching for your type of practice.

If you need some extra help, the Google Keywords Planner or Neil Patels Ubersuggest are terrific for further research on relevant keywords. You can also try using long-tail keywords, or specific keyword phrases, for better results. They cost less than single keywords and will yield you better pre-qualified traffic.

Emphasize Your Location

You can set up location targeting in Google Ads; you will have a few options to chose from. One of the most effective techniques is targeting by radius. This means that you can choose to target people from your neighborhood or even the whole city! Our recommendation is to focus on a 15 miles radius with your office being the center.

Get Creative With Your Ad Copy

As mentioned, the field of personal injury lawyers is highly competitive, and so you want to do whatever you can to stand out. Instead of using the typical ad copy just like every other personal injury law firm in town, try to get more creative with your copy to differentiate yourself from the crowd. Focus on big wins, instant response and free consultations for some immediate traction.

Include Phone Number In Your Ad

Today, the majority of people who do Google searches are doing so from their mobile phones. You can take advantage of this by listing your phone number in the ad, making it easy for them to call you. You can also set up “call only” campaigns which will display a “call” button when users search Google from their mobile phone, implementing this strategy will help increase the number of leads you get and volume of calls coming into your office.

Link to Correct Landing Pages

It’s important to make sure that your ads link to a correct landing page. For example, if your ad copy is targeting people injured in a car accident, be sure to link to a page that includes information for those injured in a car accident and not regarding other types of injury cases.

Hire an Agency

While it’s true that pay-per-click advertising for law firms can be costly, the high returns are worth your investment. If you don’t have enough time or resources to manage Google AdWords by yourself, then you should consider hiring an agency to help you with the task. We can deliver better quality and more effective results while keeping you within your budget.

Digital1010 is an award-winning advertising agency that specializes in digital marketing, e-commerce design & AdWords for law firms in Savannah. Get in touch today to see how we can help!

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