Lookout Facebook Stories, you’re about to become a little more relevant…maybe.


Lookout Facebook Stories, you’re about to become a little more relevant…maybe.

Instagram users are now able to cross-post Instagram Stories to Facebook Stories. Facebook, Instagram’s parent company, announced that it’s officially rolling out the feature globally. If you don’t already have the option to post on Facebook, keep your eyes open for any Instagram updates on the app store the update should be out for all users with the new system update.

Here is how it works. When posting an update to Instagram Story, users will have the standard option of sharing it to “Your Story.” There will be a new “Share” section that will allow users to share on Facebook Stories or with suggested friends.

Instagram Stories has 250 million users, so it appears that Facebook is looking to Instagram to help increase activity on its own Stories, a feature that no one, not even your grandma is using.

What makes Instagram Stories popular?

While Instagram is known for beautifully composed photos of latte art or outfit of the day posts, the Stories feature allows users to document their every day lives quickly. There’s no stress in art directing the perfect shot or meticulously making posts fit your feed’s aesthetic so that Stories are created on the fly, and it’s ideal for sharing behind the scenes

videos or sneak peeks of upcoming products. Instagram Stories will disappear in 24 hours, so it’s mostly a secondary feed on your Instagram.

Instagram users will now be able to share those moments with their Facebook fans. Sharing Instagram Stories onto Facebook could expose new viewers to your activity on Instagram and potentially gain new followers. Social networks should work hand in hand, and this announcement only helps connect these social networks even more than what we have seen before.

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