Digital Marketing Mistakes Your Law Firm Should Avoid


Advertising your legal services online can be quite tricky, seeing as the market is so competitive. The most expensive terms across any niche on Google Ads are legal terms with CPA’s of $135; you could be spending hundreds of dollars per click.

There are so many little mistakes that law firms are making that end up costing them; they could be saving by strategically planning out their ad campaigns. Here are some common mistakes that are being made and how you can avoid them when deploying your law firm’s ad campaign:

Change Your Focus
When starting your first Google Ads campaigns, you will need to figure out a strategy. Consider your firm’s marketing budget and create an advertising plan that will suit you best. Some firms focus on buying every keyword that is even remotely related to their niche, and chances are if they’re like most firms, they cover almost all areas of law meaning money goes quickly if you are not careful.

If you are working with a limited budget, you will need to be hyper-specific regarding your audience and your keywords. Think about which cases produce the most revenue for your firm and what areas of practice you want to expand on for that year. Stay focused and effectively optimize your campaign areas before expanding.  Keywords are important and will bring traffic to your firm’s website, but not all keywords are created equal.

Be Clear and Concise When You Write Your Ad Copy
The biggest mistake we see law firms make when writing ads are that they try to say too much or end up not saying enough. No strong call to action and no clear benefit, so people scroll right past it. You want to write your ad to be unique and noticeable. The whole point is so that people look at it and click on it.  

A|B test all your Ad copy to make sure it is relevant to the user’s search criteria and stands out. Write the ad so that the reader understands the value in using your service in under 5 seconds. Mention any discounts or free consultations. It is also imperative to reference your phone number.

Test and Optimize
TEST everything from your Ad copy & landing pages to your offer and intake process!

Google analytics and Google Ads provide great tracking tools to really pint point how effective your campaigns are. Checking your campaign stats every few days and then asses your results every 30 days to ensure no adjustments need to be made.

Once you find an effective strategy that converts leads regularly and your busienss starts to grow it’s time to take the next step in scaling your campaign.

Digital1010 is an award-winning advertising agency that specializes in digital marketing & AdWords for law firms in Savannah. Get in touch today to see how we can help!

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