3 Tips To Help Your Law Firm Acquire More Clients Online

Each year more and more new law firms emerge, skyrocketing the competition for clients and increasing the need for firms to stand out. As a result, law practices are now looking for more effective ways of finding new clients, more explicitly wanting to use Google Ads, social media, and in some cases, a multi-channel marketing […]

How to grow your business by focusing your effort and doing less work.

So you have been struggling as a business owner, it happens to the best of us, and after talking to quite a few business owners over the last several years I realized most of them were facing the same issues. Below I outline exactly what I tell clients when they come to me asking about […]

Building an Effective Content Strategy

Building an Effective Content Strategy Content Marketing is the new marketing trend that goes a long way and creates a substantial impact if executed meticulously and with expertise. An excellent and carefully planned content helps develop a brand persona and is an effective way to reach out to the customer market, informing them with all […]

Content Marketing is no longer the “Current Marketing Fad.”

Content Marketing is no longer the “current marketing fad.” It’s here, and now your business’s success is largely dependent upon the type of content that is created and how you deliver it to your target audience. It requires a great deal of research and knowledge about your market and target audience, along with well crafted planning of all […]

Lookout Facebook Stories, you’re about to become a little more relevant…maybe.

Lookout Facebook Stories, you’re about to become a little more relevant…maybe. Instagram users are now able to cross-post Instagram Stories to Facebook Stories. Facebook, Instagram’s parent company, announced that it’s officially rolling out the feature globally. If you don’t already have the option to post on Facebook, keep your eyes open for any Instagram updates […]


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