Our Story Is Simple

We Design, Build, and Improve Websites &
Scalable Marketing Funnels

In 2020 Alone We Helped Our Clients Generate Over $38,000,000+ In Sales With Our Strategies & Managed Marketing Services.


Is That They Like To Plug Marketing, Tech & Design Holes
With Duct Tape And Super Glue.

You worked hard to become an expert in your industry. You’ve probably become successful by helping people, selling products or services and understanding your customers needs, not by learning the technical nuances of building a website, integrating a CRM or designing direct marketing graphics that help your business stick out in a sea of SAMENESS.

Business owners & brand managers like you don’t have the time, training or desire to hire and manage their own marketing and product implementation team.

Everyone wants to 10x their revenue!
No one wants to 10x their overhead...

With Digital1010 it’s possible…

Think about it, just to get started you’d need to hire a marketing/project manager, designer, developer and IT person costing you well over 6 figures every year!



  • Average WordPress Developer Salary: $59,721

  • Average Graphic Designer Salary: $42,078 This doesn’t even include hiring a part-time professional to optimize your sales funnels. You’ll need someone under the hood of your CRM to make all those little connections for your sales communication to work flawlessly.

  • Part-Time CRM Pro Contract: $25,000 And, if you don’t want to manage these people directly, you’ll also need to add a project manager to your payroll.

  • Average Project/ Account Manager Salary: $62,743

These estimates are based on average salaries, which means you’ll have a basic team with limited experience.

Of course, you could manage these resources directly or build a team for less by searching for talent overseas, but then you’d be spending something even more valuable than money – your TIME!

  • Time spent hiring a new internal team member: 40+ hours

  • Time spent onboarding a new team member: 2-3 months

  • Time spent managing your team: 10+ hours/week

  • Time spent creating SOPs, standards, QC processes, etc. for your team: 200+ hours

Why deal with the headache of having to hire and manage a massive team when you don’t have to?

You Should Focus Your Time On Creating Your Marketing Strategy
and Big-Picture Success Planning For Your Company.

The Digital1010 Solution

Save time AND money by hiring our team of design and technology implementation experts to build your website & sales funnels.

The Digital1010 is set up to work directly with you, your business or marketing strategy team. We organize check-in calls and quarterly meetings to ensure we stay connected, aligned on your goals and on track to meet your deadlines. With the Digital1010 Team handling your marketing, technology and design implementation, you’re free to focus on growing your business.


We create online experiences for your visitors, not only pretty pages.
project complete

Managed Marketing

Online marketing can be tough. Your personal account manager is there to hold your hand and guide you through the process. 


Concierge Plans

Sick of waiting for your IT person, developer or web designer to find the time to work on your requests? We work whenever you want us to. Just submit a ticket and our team will get it done.


Website Design Or Refresh

Whether you are looking for a minor design or functional changes or even a complete overhaul or team is there to help you make your website dreams a reality.


Coaching & Consulting

Sometimes all you need is a helping hand to ensure you’re on the right path. Paid ads, Social Media, SEO or, General Business Process help or team of certified experts is always there when you need us. 


Managed Hosting

Say goodbye to sleepless nights, site hacks, and unwanted bot headaches. Our cloud-based hosting services Guarantee your hosting issues are a thing of the past!


Creative Task Management

Because of our detailed task brief, we can minimise misunderstandings and deliver mostly within 1-3 business days. Web Design Projects will take longer than 3 days..just saying..

We Help Client Across Multiple Business Sectors

The Benefits From Working With Digital1010

Start With Saying Goodbye To Your Daily Frustrations.

  • Your business gets access to a team of highly trained industry experts who understand your business model and marketing needs.


  • You get fresh ideas, custom designs and clean code for every task presented.


  • You get to work with a intent-based marketing design and technology team that “gets it.” We execute deliverables with intent marketing expertise and we are incredibly efficient, freeing you up to focus on other, more important tasks. We’re also here to hold your team accountable to delivery dates.


  • You can scale your business faster, without adding additional complexity or outrageous overhead.


  • Access dozens of qualified agency & business referrals for all your business needs.
We perform Kolbe personality tests during onboarding to match you with a project manager who best suits your vision and communication style.
We provide in-depth soft skills training and direct marketing training for our team so that they’re able to get clear on your needs and set proper expectations.
We’ve invested heavily in educating our design and development teams and in creating standards and processes for how they work.

Meet Some Of Digital1010's Amazing Clients

"If you plan to be one of the clients of Digital1010, you'll be in good hands, They have integrity, they really care and they'll give you all the support you need."
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Christy Mitchell
Worry Free Preschool

“Digital1010 helped create a beautiful website for our business. It’s easy to make updates to our inventory and any time we need changes to the site, Mike and his team are there to help get it done. 

Roy, PA Boat Shop

Our Brand Promise

Is to act as the marketing, tech & design extension to your business.

Regardless if it’s one ticket or full campaigns our marketing, design and technical expertise will make you more efficient, freeing you up to focus on growing your business.

You will have more time to serve your customers and think about how you want to GROW your business. 

You have monthly check-in calls and quarterly video calls to ensure everyone is on the same page, increase communication, and promote productivity.

You get a response to every request within at least 24 business hours and 99% of tasks are completed in 1-3 business days. 

You get to try us out with no obligation, get your first task 100% Free. You can also cancel, reduce or upgrade the level of your program at any time. 

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