10 Tips On Using MailChimp


Every day you log into your email account and along with the relevant stuff, find some other emails about some offer, a new product, an event or a promotional campaign. Emails have been effectively used to generate massive campaigns over the internet and to get into a direct touch with people. As you must have already noticed, majority of these uninvited emails end up in your trash bin, without even being read. If you want to execute a campaign through email, you need to make sure it’s catchy, influencing and generates response. Here’s your guide to creating a successful email camping through MailChimp:

1.    The Email Structure

You email structure has to be specific, direct, clear and well organized so that it gains the readability of the subscribers. MailChimp has several useful features that help craft an effective email. Make sure you make the most out of them. Include graphics, break down the main content, and add headers and footers.

2.    Subscribers List

Formulate a list of subscribers using MailChimp and import it via CSV or text file. This lets you sift through your collective subscribers and compile a specific list for your email campaign.

3.    Test Your Subject

Subject line decides the fate of your email. It has to be crafted this way that the receiver gets compelled to click it open. But how would you know if your subject is appealing or not; Mailchimp has this a great A/B testing feature that lets you test and evaluate the responsive capacity and effectiveness of your subject line.

4.    Plain Text Still Works

It may sound outdated, but plain text feature still prevails in vogue. You do not have to write the whole email on that old plain text format, rather, generate a plain text version from MailChimp’s ‘Copy Text from HTML Email’ option and get it attached with the original mail. This will help people who still receive their email on their feature phones.

5.    Incorporate Links to Your site and Social Media Profiles

MailChimp lets you automatically integrate the email with your website or social media handles, through its Social Follow block option in the drag and drop editor, to embed social media link within your email.

6.    Automation Feature

Make full use of MailChimp’s automation email feature to generate customized, personalized emails to your subscriber’s without bearing the hassle of individual editing.

7.    Optimize the Sending Time

Not every time is the right time to push forward your mail campaign. You need to make sure it stays visible and does not get invisible into the clutter of emails. Choosing the right time to email makes it stay on top and is likely to get a response

8.    Preview and Test Mail

Now that you email campaign is ready, you need to find how it would end up in your subscribers’ inbox. Avail the preview option in the ‘Head Info’ button in MailChimp and check if it is how you want it to be. Send yourself a test to get a real-time view of your mail, before it is sent to the list of subscribers.

9.    Status Reports

You can keep track of your email status through MailChimp’s Status Reports; as in how many emails got clicked open, if the attached links are clicked too and how effective as the overall campaign.

10.     MailChimp Expert Help

MailChimp has excellent customer service, comprising of experts, ready at your service to guide you through any phase of developing your email campaign.

Feel free to consult us anytime you need help setting up your next email marketing campaign.

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