Building a sound strategy starts with seeing  your current consumers as people. Sounds easy. But really, it’s not. People will honestly walk an extra three blocks to a local coffee shop just to get ‘their’ super duper special coffee. They’ll ignore a 20% off sale at a local retailer but sprint for the electronic store on a tax-free holiday’s or black Friday. The big question is WHY?

Our Brand Strategy group never stops asking ‘why’ until we know what your people need to know about you and what you need to know to make the sale. So whether you partner with Digital1010 for market research, brand identity development, consumer profiling or any of our other offerings, we will help you identify a strategic path tailored to your brand.

“The consumer is not a moron; she is your wife.” – David Ogily  

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At its core, your brand strategy is your business strategy. If your brand is crafted with strategic intent and implemented consistently over multiple platforms, it differentiates your business in the market place and helps to create a real sustainable competitive advantage.

A strong brand campaign combines marketing smarts with consumer emotions to transform a simple commodity with similar features and benefits into a differentiated product with demand and desire.

Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.” – Steve Jobs

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When it comes to web development there are multiple open source platforms that allow semi-custom updates so you stand apart. WordPress, Joomla and MODX, for example, offer thousands of themes and plugins that will fit most business needs. But there are occasions where you need different custom web functionality. Our team of developers are highly qualified, they always looking for challenges in web development.

“Great Execution is the Ultimate Differentiator.” – Margaret Molloy

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If your website is important to your business then you understand the value of digital marketing. When done right it drives relevant traffic to your site and engages users that click through are qualified leads and dollar signs waiting to happen.

We offer a full suite of Digital Marketing services such as content marketing, email marketing, On-page SEO and Off-page SEO , Google Adwords, PR and Social Media Marketing , and Online Fundraising.

Our digital marketing engagements begin by developing a strategic plan to clarify the role digital plays within your operational ecosystem. Then identify objectives and opportunities within that construct and define measurable goals.

Are you ready to show off & make some jaws drop?

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With the birth of digital marketing, some foretold the death of direct marketing  but they were definitely premature. In a world of spam filters, ad blockers and email overload, printed direct mail is making a serious comeback. New High-Impact Mailers  offer a wide variety of color, paper and printing processes that will have your customers intrigued and ready to purchase your product or book your service.

“People don’t buy for logical reasons. They buy for emotional reasons.” – Unkown

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Event marketing is entering a guerrilla era where the physical and the virtual cross paths, offering new options for businesses that want to create a buzz over their product or service. We will design and develop a themed activation that helps bring your brand to life and helps it stand out at any event, exhibit, music festival, fair, or convention. Our goal is to change the way people look at and think about your brand through a one on one dialogue and our team will work to capture the consumer’s information so you can follow up through well after the event has happened. The activation will leave a positive, lasting, brand-focused impression on your potential customers making them one step closer to becoming brand loyalists.

There are 2 things that matter the most at any event, the customer and the conversation. – Unknown

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These days, the average business has several needs with regard to their online marketing efforts. They will need a Web Designer, a Copywriter, a Search Engine Optimization Expert, a Social Media Consultant, and an Online Marketing Services Professional, Production Managers, Event Managers and the list goes on.

Most brands search for an individual or marketing firm to help execute their brand vision rather than paying salaries, bonuses, health insurance, and training costs for additional employees. They are look for a company that can do it all. But what if you are just a web design firm or just a PR agency?

How can you offer more value to prospective clients and give them the total package?

That’s where we come in; we have experience working with brands, small agencies and individual marketing professionals to help offer their clients the “total package”. We will work with your team to develop and improve the quality of services you are able to provide your customers with out the additional overhead. This way you can focus on winning more business without the stress of worrying how it will get done.

Grow your business and leave the details to us.

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Stop switching between apps and setup your dream marketing dashboard.

We make it possible to have everything under one roof so that you can view results directly from the most recognized data sources in the industry. 

Web Analytics

Want to make smarter decisions in less time? We will get your Google Analytics setup so we can track conversion goals and monitor other essential website metrics. Whether it’s organic, referral or paid traffic, we clear away the clutter to showcase what matters.

SEO Tools

Measuring SEO performance is a complicated process. With our client dashboard we make it easy to monitor and improve search results. Quickly track keyword rankings, monitor backlink health, optimize pages and analyze competition.

Social Media Management

Our team will help you generate original content, monitor your brand reputation and overall engagement. We will even act as your brand voice and reply to comments on social sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube ensuring your community is always happy.

PPC Management

Stay organized and focus on results. Our PPC tracking tool can help you identify the keywords that are converting to sales and the keywords that are wasting you money. Spark an immediate impact on your ROI. Reports also show specific call information including location, name and phone number and length of call.

Scheduled Reporting

Schedule customized reports to be sent automatically on your desired frequency. Spend less time compiling data and more time improving results. Reports include SEO Rankings, PPC Campaigns, Social Reach and more.

Avenues To Help Your Business Excel

With our Ecommerce solutions your customers will be able to do it all from your website. These days, it’s all about instant gratification; so when they’re ready to buy, make sure that they can. Our team will create a fully interactive website that makes it easy for customers to go from “Sure, that sounds good” to a completed order in no time. Inventory tracking, payments, follow-up – we’ve got you covered.

Believe it or not, plain vanilla email hasn’t gone out of fashion as a marketing tool. We can design emails, write copy, manage your contacts, send the emails, and track the results. We understand the importance of optimizing brand messaging to effectively target and drive conversions in the pursuit of maximizing your ROI. Once our team launches your targeted campaigns, we continue to conduct A/B testing to ensure the most effective subject lines, email content, creative and landing pages are being used.

Our web hosting and domain registration service complement our web design and development services.  We have hosting for small businesses and enterprise level users with full support and configuration at the back end. If your site is down, it’s not doing you much good. We partner with a leading web hosting provider, so your site is always up and running. Our hosting plans are flexible and we offer maximum bandwidth so your website is never blocked despite heavy traffic and users never receive error messages

As business consultants we must have a thorough understanding of your product, service, customers, company needs and business goals. Working with you and your team we will identify KPIs for further measurement and evaluation of your online strategy for success. Then work to build a marketing plan that shapes and prioritizes different solutions to provide the optimal impact and stays within your budget, time restraints and internal resources.

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