Project Description

E-Commerce Website Design and Development – SEO

Project Brief

Jeff Notrica own’s Motorini in Savannah, Ga. Motorini is the south’s premier new and used Vespa & Piaggio dealership.  Jeff was in the process of moving Motorini to its new location on West Duffy and wanted to redevelop his website to that customers could start purchasing Vespa/Piaggio products, parts, accessories and book scooter rentals online.

The Challenge

As with any project there are many challenges, most of the challenges we faced came with creating a design that captured the fun and modern style of each scooter but payed homage to the retro 70’s. We felt is was important to keep the overall style close to some of the original Vespa/Piaggio print ad campaigns so that the site its self fit the Vespa/Piaggio brand standards.

The Solution

The solution was simple, come up with a easy to use responsive website so that people could purchase a multitude of products, parts or accessories and also book a scooter rental online.  Then implement a SEO and social media marketing campaign to ensure relevant customers find the site.

Conceptual Design Samples

The Skills Needed To Produce Brand Excellence


When approached with this project the plan was to review historical web traffic data from This way we could build strategies focused on three main product areas – Scooter/Electric Bike Sales, Scooter Rentals, and Accessories broken into two main categories:

1. Generic (general) strategies –  We will look to expand the current customer basket creating value through adding a upgrade or up-sell to purchase. We will also look to generate new businesses through an On-Page and Off-page SEO campaign helping our site reach customers searching for things like “Scooter Rentals in Savannah”.

2. Competitive strategies. – We will look at ways to differentiate Motorini from other Scooter retailer, renters or accessory providers both locally and regionally either by price, service experience and additional offers or promotions .

Web Design & Development

The Motorini brand identity appeals to the modern scooter lover through a fun, bold and classic look. We built the  e-commerce website using WordPress and our results brought a fresh approach to helping this business get to the 21st century. The look establishes a clean brand presence evoking fun and excitement, without feeling childish. Overall, the identity reflects the true essence of Vespa, classic and fun approach that is essential to the Motorni brand.


We kicked off our Off-page SEO campaign with building credibility to phrases and terms that will drive relevant traffic to the site. We decided to focus on 25 local and regional terms so that customers searching Google, who were interested in their products/services had the awareness and ability to stop by.

Today, website new user visits from organic results ONLY are up 63% in the last quarter and there were over 100 rental conversions.


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Final Result & Client Satisfaction