Project Description

Custom Website Design and Development – Online Marketing – SEO

Project Brief

Nutropia is a healthy meal delivery service that operates in New York and Florida. They came to us in January 2015 looking to grow his business online but knew he was facing a few problems.  Their 1st concern was that they were dealing with a 13 year old website that was near impossible to update. Along with the dated website they were spending tons of money on marketing but were not able to see what platforms were converting the most clients and what the overall cost to acquire a new customer actually was.

The Challenge

From the start there were multiple things that most people would consider a challenge such as:

  1. No conversion tracking or goals setup.
  2. No meta tags, descriptions, page titles or any on-page SEO setup.
  3. No Webmaster tools integration.
  4. No specific Google ad campaigns or ad groups or even retargeting setup, display ads were on non relevant sites and the ads were targeted at customers all over the world (talk about a waste of money and a absolute mess)..
  5. Social was all borrowed content and every post was boosted so there was no chance of engagement .

This was just the tip of the iceberg…

The Solution

The Solution was simple and started with:

  1. Setting up proper conversion and goal tracking.
  2. Integrate Webmaster tools and deal with all of the on-page SEO problems, then kickoff a 12 Keyword (KW) SEO campaign to help stimulate the organic traffic
  3. Take a hard look at Google Adwords – It desperately needed to be reorganized so that we could differentiate what was working and what was not due to the previous site build 79 phone Adwords phone conversions were tracked but are not shown.
  4. Update their social strategy and start to create owned, sharable content (comes in the form of high quality meal imagery). This way potential customer visiting our social platforms get a better idea around the quality and types of food they would receive.
  5. Rebrand Nutropia starting with a new fully responsive website and new communication strategy.

Traffic and Conversion Results 2014 vs 2105

2014 Analytics Report

2015 Analytics Report

Final Result

Google Adwords

We rebuilt the customer’s AdWords campaign from the ground up. The account was split into relevant campaigns that targeted specific demographics and regions. Then, Ad Groups were built within each campaign and targeted ads were written for specific audiences within each group.

In 1 year we reduced the Ad spend amount by 30% and increased conversions by 25%.


Digital1010 optimized the on-page content and backend tags,titles and descriptions of, making it more searchable and relevant to their target audience. We also have a ongoing off-page campaign running to help their ensure their business is found when relevant searches are made.

Today, website new user visits from organic results ONLY are up 171.96% year over year from 2014-2015 and there were 134 conversions. As we continue to work with Nutropia, we are finding even more ways to get them in front of the right audience online.


We created and executed a social strategy with a goal to increase social engagement and drive traffic to the website for more information on Nutropia then sign up for a meal plan.

We eliminated the boosted posts and sill increased visits from new visitors through social results ONLY  185.71% from 2014-2015 and there were 13 conversions. In 2016 we kicked off a targeted social ad campaign Results TBD.


In a sea of fast food and semi-healthy options our team wanted to solidify the Nutropia brand, by highlighting the hundreds of fresh, healthy, calorie counted meals developed through of their history. Our design team took a clean and modern design with a healthy twist. The bright colors, athletic + modern typographic treatments and photography that featured the actual food provide a nice balance to elevate their brand.


At the kickoff of this campaign we added multiple tracking codes and setup goals to ensure we were proving ROI and the cost to acquire new customers through each platforms.

Additional Design & Strategy Elements